Sudha Madhuri Devi
Shiva Shakti Healing Consultancy

If you find me not within you, you will never find me.
For, I have been with you, from the beginning of me.~ Rumi


Drawing on the paradigm of the Tree of Life, Integrated Nondual Healings create foundational change and evolution in our body, relationships, life and work. By using a holographic map of human consciousness, whether the struggle is physical, mental or emotional, this work recognizes every piece of life as being of value and holding the potential for growth. Nondual Healings help us to embrace life whole heartedly. When we receive healings to work on historical pain, we reduce the amount of psychological projection and transference we visit upon the world, thus allowing ourselves to start seeing the world more in the way it is truly made. For those clients who would like support with difficult relationship or painful feelings, or are seeking to expand and move forward in life, the session would be a mixture of dialogue and healing work that would support your unfoldment and growth. For more information, visit: my website and face book pages
Brennan healing Science

Brennan Healing Science is based on the teachings of former NASA scientist, Barbara Brennan, author of the classic ‘Hands of Light’ and ‘Light Emerging’. BHS is a powerful energy healing method that uses laying-on of hands to direct energy through the practitioner to clear, restructure, balance and re-charge the seven levels of the Human Energy Field (aura) and deeper levels of your psycho spiritual being. The healings support you in creating a life that expresses your highest intention and your unique qualities and abilities.
A Brennan Healing Science practitioner is able to work on a client’s energy field, using over 60 healings skills. This helps to repair, strengthen, restructure and balance the phys
ical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client’s health, bringing about profound healing and also awakens the healing powers inherent within each one of us.

The following are the benefits that a client can derive when receiving sessions from a Practitioner of Brennan Healing Science®
- An overall state of physical healing on many levels.
- Increased sense of well-being and
emotional stability.
- Ability to create healthy, fulfilling relationships and balanced lives.
- Empowers one to deal with life issues on various levels.
- Decreases both acute and chronic pains.
- Decreases recovery time from illnesses and recovery time post operatively.
- The intention and the ability to accomplish life goals through Hara healings.
- Bring forth one’s unique gifts with Core Star healings.
In relationship to moment to moment