The Power Of Thoughts

Namaste! and welcome to the Sohum Consciousness Show. In our last month’s podcast, I spoke about the power of mind. Today we take you a step further and explain on how, what goes on in your mind is what goes around in your lives. Did you ever know that wherever you go, there is someone who is with you. Wherever, whatever age you are in whatever state you are in. He is watching and listening you, NO MATTER WHAT? Know that he registers everything that goes on in your mind.

He is No GOD- He is YOU

Just like a mirror this universe reflects thoughts that goes on in your mind. I have seen a lot of people feeling unloved, living in self defecation, having less confidence, low self esteem. They often find it hard to meet happy, successful and trustworthy people around themselves. While they had low thoughts about themselves, they did not realize that the signals they sent out unconsciously to the other person, was used to draw a conclusion about them. Thus the mirror reflected a thought from within to the universe.

This observation emphasizes that the Law of attraction does exists, just like the Law of Gravity. The question often asked is, How to Love Ourselves? Someone asked me the other day, is it not being selfish to love oneself? My answer was if you don’t have money you cannot give money to others. Similarly if you don’t love yourself you cannot love others. Thus it is not selfish to love oneself. Infact, it is the most important thing to love yourself. As what you have is what you give to the world. Just as you cannot be thinking low of your friends and still love him completely. You cannot be saying I m not good enough and expect others to think good for you.

Here is a simple exercise to love oneself. It is to draw a deep breath within – towards the centre of the heart. Feel like playing with a baby here. Like a 90 yr old cracking an innocent joke. Like the first rays of a morning sun. Like the breeze of fresh air. Tell yourself looking into the mirror in your eyes saying, I Love you’. How often have you done that? Reach out to hundreds of people outside and never cared for the one within. Do it now while you listen to this podcast and make it a habit to give you two minutes after every hour. The spring of love and compassion will shine in your being. Is when you begin to have compassion for things and people around yourself? After a while you start to notice a change in your surroundings, with your acquaintances and in your reality. Just by the change in your thoughts. One must be careful of the thoughts in Now. As the thoughts in ‘NOW’ will determine our future. You may listen into our last month’s podcast, an interesting interview with Mr.Vincenzo Sentiglia The creator of The Now Technique from Italy.

Do you know scientists have found something called Inner technology? They found that human emotions can change the shape of the DNA. Positive thoughts like love, joy, gratitude are a hundred times more powerful than a negative emotion. The happier you are the more DNA becomes relaxed and stronger. We have talked in greater length on the importance of having an Attitude of Gratitude with our international Speaker Mr.Amandeep Thin.

My friends, if you have to have something in life. There has to be a space for it. If you may know the Law of Yin. There are three other kinds of Laws.

A.     A Law of Creation of Being: Governed by how material things come into creation.

B.     Law of Recreation; how those things draw in energy. As presence must be constantly recreated and refreshed with energy. If it doesn’t then it gets backs to where it came from.

C.     The third Law is the law of Intention: That is how it goes and brings in the traffic. The traffic of further intentions from the universe. Which actually is the root cause of how life goes and attracts in the life? You may listen more into life-cycle and the study of Upanishads in our last month’s podcast with the expert in Upanishads Dr. Rajesh Nano.


You may as well ask how to develop Positive Thinking?

It is a process of unlearning and then learning. Mind is programmed to receive signals. When our body sends signals of negative experiences. Then the mind transmits the same back and hence forth. Did you know what thoughts causes cancer? The years of pent up anger and haltered towards others causes cancer. I would advise you to please read the book by Ms.Louise L. Hay – You Can Heal Yourself. And you will know how thoughts affect our body.

Thus it requires a mindful conscious training of mind to send positive signals and then the mind feels the experiences and then transmits the same. Creating a cycle of your thoughts – affecting your reality.

One simple way to be at ease with your thoughts is to practice Spirituality. We had a guest Mr.Weinz Bolardo from Philippines. A spiritual leader who talked about Spirituality in the last month’s interview. You may kindly scroll down to our other podcasts of the month under the given link to find the rest of the months interviews. Just in case you missed out on one.

Friends I would emphasize once again that – to bring change. Change the way you think, that changes the way you feel, which will change the electromagnetic field around your personality. That is when you attract change in life. And never forget to say thanks, thanks to the universe, thanks to self, thanks to others for everything. Know the importance of Gratitude in our last month’s podcast with the international trainer Mr.Amandeep Thind on the Subject of Attitude of Gratitude.

Friends thank you for reading in. We welcome your feedback on the weekly podcast on the comments section given below the audio link on the Sohumconsciousness Site as well as at our face book pages on so hum. You are welcome to write in with your comments and suggestions at

With boundless love and gratitude, this is your friend and host Preeti signing off.


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