Omdevaji is a qualified yoga teacher trained by Bihar School of Yoga, Munghyr, Bihar, India. He has been avidly interested in human anatomy since 1985 in a quest to understand the human vehicle and framework. This interest has progressed from the physical components through to the most subtle components. At 8:25am on the 12th of July 1998 he experienced a Kundalini Awakening, simultaneously experiencing Spiritual Illumination whilst not having any idea about the concept, why, what or how it was happening. Since July 1998, Om has retrospectively investigated the experience in order to understand Kundalini awakenings and correlate it to the human body mind complex. Om is a human anatomist, philosopher and seer who has come to embody the deepest insight possible relating to Yogic Psychology and Physiology. Being scientific by nature, Omdevaji has aligned himself with the Yogic discipline because it is scientific and organic by nature rather than dogmatic. Om’s current passion lies in the Sanskrit alphabet of Devanagari which he has come to understand lies at the core of the human body. Omdevaji is available for consultation relating to any questions regarding Yoga, Atmajnan/Self Knowledge, Kundalini and its related components, Human Anatomy, Physics, Sanskrit, Devanagari and literally any other life situations whereby people may require an objective insightful interpretation from a neutral third party.


1989 – Full Tertiary Education Completed at St Marys High School, N.S.W, Australia.

1990-92 – Diploma of Applied Science in Diagnostic Radiography at Sydney University.

1998 – Diploma in Therapeutic Massage .

2001-04 – Diploma in Satyananda/Bihar Yoga Teaching at The Satyananda/Bihar Yoga Academy in New South Wales (website –

2007 – Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy at the Academy of Celebrancy Australia.

2011-13 – Masters in Sanskrit (Asia Pacific Studies) at ANU, Canberra, Australia.


1992-present – working constantly in the field of Diagnostic Radiography, sometimes as part of a large team, small team or as a sole operator, sometimes in hospitals, both large and small and other times with private companies or locum agencies.

Sheshnaag, Research and the “What on Earth is Kundalini?” series

  • 1998 – Life turned upside down when all beliefs, identification and values were proven to be superficial and incorrect. This lead omdevaji to a life of isolation where research became the main priority and life laid out the path before him and guided him on his quest to understand it.
  • 1998-2000 – 3 years of personal research which included Psychic Research, Psychic Development, the Theosophical Society, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Shamanic Circles, North American Circles and comparative Religious Studies.
  • 2001-2004 – 3 years with the Bihar/Satyananda Yoga Tradition as research and investigation into the experience on the 12thJuly 1998 until it was understood and contextualized.
  • 1998-present – writing about and researching kundalini (the physiological mechanism within the human framework responsible for achieving the ‘Goal of Yoga’ –Samadhi – Spiritual Illumination – Enlightenment). Documenting all experiences in the “What on Earth is Kundalini?” series.
  • I have also travelled to at least 20 countries, which included India and Nepal in 1999 and a research trip to India in 2004 & 2013.
  • 1999-present – building a Shiva Temple, Yoga Centre and Sanskrit Museum in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  • February 2013 presented a paper at the Astro-science and vedic international conference and attended the Maha Kumbah Mela in Allahabad.
  • February 2013 presented and participated in the auspiscous ‘Kumbh World Peace Day’
  • Written 5 books titled the “What on Earth is Kundalini?” series to be published September 12th 2013 by ‘Pilgrims Bookhouse’, Varanasi, India


I hope I can assist anyone in anyway.