Life Depends Upon Hope – By Rajesh Nanoo

If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost then something is lost, but if you loose hope then everything is lost. The life of a person become stranded once he the hopes are gone. Human beings life depends heavily on hopes. Their mind from childhood onwards in built upon hope and continue to live rest of their life with hopes. That is why it is said, when hope is lost everything is lost. We can recoup everything if we have hope. Because hope brings a positive energy that makes the person to work on and fulfil it.

If there is no hope then there is no positive energy, which means there is no enthusiasm and lethargy will be the order of life. That’s why people often calls lazy people and coward people as hopeless people. When X comes up and asks Y to do a project and Y says no ‘I can’t do it’, then X calls Y as a hopeless guy. In short, the one who don’t attempt anything cannot be called as hopeful person. What is hope? Hope is an attitude to ‘do it’.

When mind is in a hopeless mode then you can’t do anything, because mind is filled with negative energy. Just like darkness is the absence of light, negativity is the absence of positivity. Positivity means the energy that comes from the light of hope and this hope transcend to dream. When he reaches such a state, then he gives up everything so as to work on his dreams. He forgets everything else other than his dream and he is ready to sacrifice anything so as to achieve this dream. Positivity is an enthusiasm, it brings energy from the subtle heart, which in normal terms called as God’s grace.

Great things can be achieved only by great minds but who posses a great mind. He can bring energy from the subtle heart. This heart is ‘God’s seat’ as termed by Indian saints. So, your destiny depends upon your inner power. By this inner power the brain and mind thinks only those things that is connected with dream. Dream is another name of hope; because only hopeful can dream. if you have hope you can make money that is lost, you can regain your lost health. So nothing is lost as long as you have a hope. I read somewhere an interesting story.

A lecturer raised a 100$ currency and asked who want this? Most people raised their hands as they want it. Lecturer said ok and crushed the currency with his leg, it became ugly. He again raised the currency and asked do you still want it? Audience raised their hands as before. He dropped the currency again crumbled it. Now the currency is dirty and crumpled. He took it with hand and asked do you still want it? Audience raised their hands as they still want it. Lecturer said you want the currency irrespective of it’s dirt and crumbliness because the value of currency is still the same.

This story bestows the insight that character is not lost by pains or setbacks. The person is still the same individual as he was before the setbacks, and will continue. When the value does not change, it means nothing ‘significant’ has lost. One can achieve dreams if they posses a strong positive character and as said before that positivity is the gift of hopes. Without hopes you are dead even while you are living, so never give up hope. No matter the chaos, troubles and setbacks in it onward journey towards the dream, still it is achievable because the person is alive.

Hope is like a ‘fuel’ in a vehicle. Vehicle takes the traveller to destined location only if it has the fuel to reach there. As much fuel it have, that much it will take them. Always fill your mind enough fuel so as to reach the goal. It is also true that, at times even the highest hopeful people can’t achieve the dream. They are not achieving the dream even after they did everything, so this setback raises the question that – can we achieve everything just with ‘hope’?

The saints of yore has an answer to this complicated query. One of the Upanishad declares, ‘when one does not honour his guest (the one who comes unexpected, not invitees) and does not give charity or food for the needy, then such persons dreams, goals and hope will be lost substantially’.

From this concept it can be concluded that, due to person’s misdeeds the positive energy that flows from the subtle heart will not be sufficient enough so as to fulfil the hopes. In lack of enthusiasm, hope will not glow in heart, this act as stumbling block in achieving the dream. Remain hopeful in life and do charity so as to escalate into successful dreams.


So, what do you think ?