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Preeti Sharma – Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Coach n Mentor.


Maintain alignment among mission, vision, core values, and strategies;  look for passion in work; adapt to change; focus on living life with a purpose, passion and integrity; enhance self-awareness, clearer goals and ultimately better decisions; career change; aim greater heights by not getting pulled down by everyday routine; bring back the drive to be innovative and creative; search for identity; Effective Parenting; Hot Buttons – Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress; empower with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more; break through the barriers which hold one back from being their best; accelerate the transition after promotion; grow as future leaders within the organizations; Clarity of vision and focus….


Power of Mind, Law of Attraction, Empowering self and Train Your Thinking, Power Of Now, Spirituality n Intuition, Training of Subconscious.


Advice for Consulting Preeti’s coaching.

Showing you how to train your thinking in a way to give you the life you want. Spirituality gets better as you get more clarity in your thinking. Stress Management is a breeze and pain management changes to pain relief. Life coaching at the very best from the best life coach around.

If you want CONTROL, balanced control, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally or financially and if you truly want to be a success in your given field I can help you deal with the internal map that controls your external everyday living to help you feel better, be happier, healthier, and wealthier and enjoy more love in your life.

Coaching since 2009, Preeti Sharma is the First Scientific Spiritual Broadcaster in India- Sohumconsciousness Owner & Chief Executive Officer of a Media Company and Innovator of “New Media Summit”™. She is an internationally recognized Broadcaster n Coach, and has empowered hundreds of her coaching clients to attain astounding results in their life & business. She leads you to know and leverage your unique desires and special gifts and shows you the unique action skills for YOU to succeed. Her clients seek her out from all over the world.

Specialties: Coaching Students Professionals, & Entrepreneurs. – Winners who want to be more personally empowered.

Preeti’s professional  coaching and mentoring act as a catalyst to help business owners and professionals achieve success by pursuing their passions.

With more than 16 years of entrepreneurial business experience, over 5+ year’s job experience as an Accountant Director, and over 5 years of experience as a professional business coach and mentor, I have the background as well as the talent and passion to assist entrepreneurs and professionals in reinventing their business to be more in line with their authentic selves.

Clients regularly find themselves propelled towards goals they never would have guessed were so attainable.

Consciouspreneurs – Preeti’s Coaching success provides business mentoring that goes well beyond time management and motivational preaching. The key is knowing who you are and why you are passionate about certain things, then the how to do it comes easy.

Free consultations and private or group mentoring sessions provide new direction and strategies for your business while allowing and encouraging you to pursue your passions.

Imagine — a mentoring relationship that gives you permission and encouragement to do what you love, while helping you incorporate those passions into the viability and success of your business ventures!

Specialties: Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Business Mentor, Professional Certified Coach.

 Working Effectively With Different Personality Styles - 2 hr group class - There is more to diversity than age, gender, and cultural background. Wrapped within those differences is one’s personality style. This workshop allows participants to identify their own personality style, share their styles with each other, understand each other’s differences and learn strategies to help them work together more effectively.

Connections: The Secrets to Powerful networking - 2 hr. class – Learn the principles that will take your networking and lead generation to the next level. Evaluate where and how you are currently networking. Learn to generate as many leads and contacts as you need to advance your career or business. Turn your next networking event into a goldmine of opportunity.

Work Life Balance – Regaining Your sense of Control - 3 hr. class - Everyone faces the issue of time management at one point or another, but as more and more people deal with working at one or more jobs, fighting long commutes, managing a household, attending school or other training, raising one or more children, responding to increasing work and time pressures of the shrinking workplace, and dealing with aging parents, the days often seem to last long into the night and vacation and leisure time seem to be consumed with issues other than relaxation and personal fulfilment. Learn to distinguish what is most important and how to make choices that support your goals and reduce stress.

Actionable Feedback for Breakthroughs in Performance - 1-2 hr. workshop when employees and team members experience being valued, they become more productive and easier to work with. Learn to give actionable feedback that can transform performance.

Mentoring & Coaching Skills for Leaders -  This workshop is an introduction to the skills needed to be an effective leader and supervisor. Mentoring is a useful tool for reinforcing new skills, facilitating effective knowledge transfer, enhancing overall productivity, and retaining the best and brightest employees. Experts agree that mentoring can produce great results, but the skills to be an effective mentor don’t always come naturally. These skills can be learned and mastered so transformational conversations can occur in just five to 15 minutes.

  • Listening for Possibility
  • Being a Keen Observer
  • The Conversational Dance to Insight, Action & Accountability
  • Actionable and Appropriate Feedback

I have trained hundreds in the art and science of professional and youth mentoring, leadership and communication. My current clients include a community college, Public Utility Company, a regional bank and three corporates. Throughout my career, I have produced success after success in marketing, advertising and public relations – increased sales, broadened customer bases, community action, and media campaigns.  I have more than 15 years of hands-on business, management and public speaking experience. I hold a Masters degree in Management and Organizational Leadership.

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Preeti Sharma