Conscious and Subconscious and the Gate keeper

In my last post I wrote that you have to trust that where ever you go there is someone who goes with you. Today I would refine it further saying who goes with you is your conscious mind. Someone who is so obedient that it absorbs and trusts all information along the way. This information just sits there within the conscious mind unless it gets the approval of the sub conscious mind. It is then that you stop wishing, hoping and knowing. When the subconscious mind accepts that it is what happens.

Alright it might be getting a little complicated by now. Let’s make it simple. Let’s say we have two minds and one brain. Each with its own abilities, functions and capabilities. The Conscious Mind is a normal state of awareness, but it is limited. All the good and important functions are performed by the conscious mind. It plans, calculates and creates a mental picture of our future. Fixing the blocks along the path to create that future. Just to make sure that we get there. Thus without a conscious mind we cannot do anything. We cannot plan; we cannot appreciate good scenerary, cannot fall in love, cannot decide, cannot keep yourself aloof from your performance and appreciate yourself, or take pride in your work. Thus also it allows you to make choices. Choices of what when and where? What experiences you want more in life?

Whereas the subconscious mind runs our bodily functions, records our response to habits, wisdom, insight, memory and intuition as well as happy and unhappy experiences are stored in subconscious mind. It is the connection between us and the higher intelligence.

Thus sub conscious mind is the captain and conscious is the crew of the ship of our life. Captain gives orders and crew follows it. Subconscious mind is where our emotions come from. Thus emotions work as fuel to drive. Therefore we are mostly in a subconscious state of mind. In actuality anything that happens in reality actually happens half sec before in our sub conscious mind. That is why and how a sports car driver manoeuvres his car in a way that takes him to winning and not destruction as his subconscious mind is active and creates its own reality.

Now here is a third thing called Critical factor or a critical divide. In between conscious and subconscious lies this judgement or critical factor. It has to pass through the conscious mind thinking and seeks approval to pass through sub conscious mind. Sometimes it allows through and other times it does not. We create this Critical factor before the age of 6, in our prenatal age. Critical factor is developed by the information a child receives from his environment from the behaviour of his parents, siblings, neighbours teachers and most importantly Television these days. It gives him a power of judgement. This is good in letting decide to not jump off a running train. But then more often it sets in as wrong message within a person’s mind and limits him from a lot of potential in his life. This happens from his conditioning he gets in his early age. Right brother’s critical factor had no objection to a flying man unlike most of us. The level of brain activity that a child is in is called a hypnotic state. It receives whatever comes their way. Thereby setting certain beliefs they learn from their conditions, just by observing they are taking in information faster than we imagine. In this age a child can be taught anything. As we age the critical factor becomes more discerning and developed. That is to exercise caution, and decide between right and wrong. Let’s say you are smoker and decide to quit smoking. The critical factor seeks the approval of the subconscious to whether that thought can enter into your mind or not. Sub-conscious being the gate keeper act in all possible ways to oppose new thoughts. As such subconscious is in charge of habit. Thus it uses the path of least resistance to keep things as they are. And to justify smoking, it will come up with ideas on why not to quit smokeing.Saying, it helps me cope stress, keeps me from anger and being grumpy. It is here that we need to change our thoughts and believes to change our habits and create a better successful future. This is what is called the reversal of conditioning. When we keep the subconscious blocks or believes is a result of our conditioning. Thus our gate keeper keeps the outside world out and inside intact. It helps in making decisions. Good to decern not to jump of a building but harmful when we are stuck in useless thoughts and believes. Emotions like fear, doubt, and anger are our psychological defence mechanism that rejects new information.

Another thing here is that there is no such thing as will power. If you try to change something with your will power, it does not work. Because it is not there and you do not have a lack of it. It is our conscious attention overriding subconscious attention. The thing is how do we programme ourselves to do that? Thus if you are a smoker and consciously decide not to smoke, you won’t smoke. However, when you get distracted and smoke ends up in your mouth, subconscious mind is at work. Will power is such conscious faculty that cannot keep up for long. That is why they keep doing the same thing to get different results. That is why most people stay 3 to the age of 4 even at the age of 38.People keep adding to their conscious mind but it does not go anywhere from there. The worst illusion is that the more I add to my information; smarter I become to handle my problems. Problem is how to get that information through your conscious mind.

Thus how do we get through the conscious mind? Answer is we have to de hypnotised ourselves. Delete the wrong programming taken up from the culture, and adopt the right ones.

The programmes do not get beyond the conscious mind. The more illusion is the information I have, the smarter I become, the more I would be able to handle my problem. The problem is how that info gets thru their conscious mind. We need to de-hypnotise ourselves with our programming adopted from the culture, society etc. (called the paradigm shift). And help adopt a new programme.

There is another thing called blueprints. To create anything in your life you need to create enough strength to achieve it. If you cannot achieve then you become disappointed with yourself which is even worse. Thus with expectations you must also have right blueprints that you can do it. Like when you want to attract a high profile job and consider yourself unworthy of it. It is not going to land in your success. We must accept without a doubt that what we expect is what we are worthy of. Thus what we throw in the environment with our thoughts and beliefs is what we manifest in our lives. We must expand our blueprints to expect more from life. And bring our subconscious and conscious into agreement. Be specific about what you want to create. But if your conscious and sub conscious is not in agreement than you will not manifest anything. We create what we accept and not what we want. Knowing that the subconscious mind is not limited with time and space make the most of this in manifesting value in your and others lives. Enjoy being human and creating your own miraculous reality.

Preeti Sharma
Happy Living,

Preeti Sharma


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