Welcome to Sohum Consciousness Movement

Sohum Consciousness is a movement to raise the consciousness levels of individuals. We learn, share, edify and mutually grow together through the audio video web casts, events and workshops. A platform to share the thoughts and works of authors, philosophers, Vedic and modern experts, speakers, coaches and spiritual leaders to the individuals.

The subjects we work upon are personal, career, spiritual, metaphysical, laws of attraction, cosmic, holistic living, self healing, vaastu, astrology. Basically works and thoughts on the attraction of more success and abundance in your life?

Soham- You are the same as I am”. Sanskrit word which means,”self pride.” Soham is also a sound created when we breath in and ‘HAM’ or ‘OM’ is the sound when we breath out. Anapan meditation in Bhuddist is called ‘Soham’ meditation in Hindus (Watching the breath). Soham is the sound, which every living being takes knowingly or unknowingly. It is an ajpa-jap (continuous chanting) generated everywhere in atmosphere. Soham also denotes the oneness of every living being. So ham shows the unification of God. It is a very powerful mantra like Aum. In Vedic philosophy it means identifying oneself with the Cosmic energy or universal consciousness. The element of Mantra is ‘AIR’.

Coaching & Mentoring

Corporate, Management & Educational Institutions

Over the past fourteen years So Hum has associated with more than 2000 institutions and Corporate.

So Hum partners with the international leaders, speakers, experts in various subjects like Motivation and Leadership Skills, Advertising, Branding, Sales Skill, Negotiation Skills, and various other subjects to help entrepreneurs, students and executives build and develop their international perspective and Context.

These experts are inspiring millions to reach their true potential, showing them how to embrace different perspectives and involving them in eye-opening discussions about global issues. Through their work, the experts bring out the true potentials within each entrepreneur /executive and students. We organize independent events for the same.

So Hum helps corporate and management schools create sustainable and effective international workforce. So Hum develops and manages comprehensive n tailor made educational and motivational programs for more than 500 institutions, corporate and individuals. That emphasizes experiential learning, cultural exposure and early language skills.

This could only happen with dedicated and creative international trainers n educators who commit themselves to helping people and enrich their lives by putting them into a Self Motivational Context.


- Offers several different avenues for coaching you on a one-on-one basis.
- Face-to-face coaching.
- Online coaching.
- Coaching by phone and/or video conferencing.
- Workshops – to expand your understanding of mind- body health, balance.
- Self healing n Self Motivation under any given circumstance.
- One on one counseling.

What is the Take-Away?

Are you someone who realizes that you are FAR more powerful than you’ve been led to believe? Perhaps you’re looking for new information and new ideas of shifting your reality to the one that YOU choose? Maybe you want to see a ‘much better’ world from the one we live in?

You are someone who wants to bring:

- Harmony in relationships.
- Balance in life.
- Attract happiness and abundance.
- Develops your learning power.
- In search of peace of mind.
- Cultivates self-image.
- Generates new ideas for balancing your life.
- Rejuvenate and vitalize your mind.
- Dare and motivate to take action steps towards fulfilling your dreams.
- Gives reassurance of your unique strengths, abilities and capacities.
- Show you various paths that can lead to the answers you are seeking within.
- Provides you fresh energize to live life with freshness.
- Keeps you in touch with the inner creative source of happiness.
- Train your thoughts to move into positive directions.
- Bring balance in your emotions.