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Sohum Consciousness is a movement to raise the consciousness levels of individuals. We learn, share, edify and mutually grow together through the audio video web casts, events and workshops. A platform to share the thoughts and works of authors, philosophers, vedic and modern experts, speakers, coaches and spiritual leaders to the individuals at large.

What we do?

What we do? • Radio shows to share, inform & inspire to mutually grow and bring transformational change in this world with higher consciousness.,
• Conduct workshops and events on the different aspects of science and consciousness.
• Promotions of international speakers, authors, trainers & mentors in Indian Subcontinent.

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Radio Shows

Radio Shows • To inform, share, inspire individuals towards their own brilliance and shine.
• A platform to mutually grow and bring transformational changes in this world with higher consciousness.
Note: This is not an attempt to create, follow, patronise any particular religion, philosophy or belief. This is an endeavor to bring together inspirational works of authors and philosophers with online A/V medium& workshops.

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Advertise • We encourage your launching a new programme, book or an inspirational product.

• Sohum consciousness has created a fantastic interaction with thousands of positive living people around the world.

• You pay what you consider to be the value of what you receive.

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usamaDear Friends in Sohum consciousness, I’d like to express my gratefulness and thankfulness for our wonderful friendPreeti Sharma for his great kindness , she gave me a lot of her precious time and wisdom and helped for a very great extent in my life for nothing in return but just because she totally believes in Oneness and has perfect faith in it . Thank you so much Behen(sister) Preeti I wish you more and more advancement and successful in your lifeUsama Saeed
‘Maa Katyayani’ Navratra–adorable Podcast ..tks for sharing
My pleasure preeti,ur dedication towards mankind always opened my eyes n touch my heart………… nic of u………god bless……Purnima Chhabra Jain
Gr sharing the importance of “SOMWAAR” the Monday 14th April”" very very useful information help us if implemented in daily life~~Tks
Yes….. Informative and knowledgeable.
In last one one year Sohum Consciousness forum had made a big impact in my life. I learned a lot from the valuable posts on this forum. I would like to thank you all for bring +ve change in my life. Sohum Consciousness forum has become my teacher and i would like to thank you for the same on this Teacher’s Day :-) Sameer Khannuja
To Ms Preeti Sharma……for changing course of my life to a beautiful and Divine path through the beautiful beginning. SOHUM.  Mr. Umesh Sharma.
So nice of you for the enlightment by Sohum programmes. As a child I used to wonder why first day of the week is Somvar etc. Now, things are becoming clear n clear…its all so logical !